1/ Hello! & FAQ’s


I’m PTC, Petesy and Peter Macfarlane. I’m various things: husband; father; heating engineer and by accident an occasional freelance outdoor writer, equipment tester and advocate of lightweight outdoors stuff.
I’m no geek though, I don’t play in the garden, the gear goes into the hills or it stays in its box. 

Thanks for looking in, feel free to comment, criticise or contact me.


FAQ’s (more added as I remember…)

Who are “the girls”?
Joycee and Holly, wife and daughter.

What, d’you think you’re some sort of pop star?
All the adventuring you’ll see on here is of the mild kind, it’s stuff anybody can do.

Do you spend all your money on kit?
All the kit really is test kit, all the competition prizes come from the manufacturers.

What camera do you use?
It’s a super point-and-click, a Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX3.

Do you really wear trainers in the mountains?
Aye, lots of us do.

What modifications should I make to my Terra Nova Laser Competition/ Photon etc
Change the pegs if you’ve got those daft skinny titanium ones, and if you’ve got an older model, nice new dyneema guylines make life easier. That’s it, just get out and use it.

Why don’t you go to the Alps, do the TGOC, disappear into the wilderness for weeks at a time?
I love the outdoors, but I love my family more and being at home is more important, never mind having a business to run. I don’t have to go into the mountains to “find myself”, I’m right here already. 

How many Munro’s have you climbed?
Don’t know exactly, but I wouldn’t say anyway.  Some folk are too ready to define and be defined by ticks on a list. I’m not playing.
Let’s just say that I haven’t climbed them all, but I have stood on Munro summits more than 283 times…