Waiting at the gate

But not for much longer. The team triumphed and we got a steam test on the boiler and calorifier today which went well. Phase One dealt with. We’re all burst in varying degrees, there will be sitting on chairs, cuppas and reflection before anything else is decided upon.

It’s good to have some distance (I don’t need my reading glasses), it’s good to have a break. Lets the swarf settle in your sump.

Fresh oil, new plans, new kit. There is much to consider. My feet will have softened, my hill legs will have dried out, my joy detector will be awfy stoorie. Not to worry it’ll be a quick fix: Pain is just weakness leaving the body™.

Now, what’s the weather doing…

6 thoughts on “Waiting at the gate

  1. You boys keep moaning about the weather lately – maybe there are advantages (occasionally) to living in Englandshire… :))

    4 good hill days in the last 2 weekends and only 1 pish-wet morning in amongst them!

    PS. Gonna give the Lost Dog 50 a try next weekend…. will report back.

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