In a new band. I tried with the rock covers band I really did, but I just can’t do it like folk are expecting me too. I’m on the edge of snapping the entire time, just desperate to play a different chord or use a wah pedal or something. They knew it too. So whether I jumped or was pushed, the splash was just the same.

So, within minutes I had another band, it’s amazing how many musicians there are standing around when you need them. I wonder if the ratio is higher or lower than that of pilots travelling as passengers on board flights with ill crew members. I bet you could get funding to study that.

The band is twometresdeep and the best analogy I could come up with is Joni Mitchell jamming with Black Sabbath. We’ve been writing and arranging which has been with a mix of bits of songs brought in by the various folks and new stuff written as we played.
I am enthused. Normally I work with just my drummer buddy Craig, but this is very different indeed. There’s going to be a very diverse mix of sweet harmonies and acoustic passages to my usual grinding guitar and big beat drums. Real light and dark. I love it.

A couple of short clips from the first sessions. The songs are called one and two, or that one and the other one.



11 thoughts on “twometresdeep

  1. It’s a bit like Six Feet Under only more european. The music’s not too bad either needs a touch more Goth I think.Whatever happened to that last wee snipet of a tune you put up,did you ever finish it or do the EP type thingy?

  2. I think it will be a bit gothy in parts Pat, there’s some pretty dark toned stuff.
    Still need to mix the other tune, recording’s all done. I was going to match it up with more tracks, but I might just see how twometresdeep goes, probably record that first. Can’ afford it all :)

    btw, the six feet under connection never got spotted until later in actually refers to something completely different and very Dumbarton heritage…

  3. ” refers to something completely different and very Dumbarton heritage…”

    Slept on it and the only thing I could think of is the tank at the maritime museum, I’m too old for this cryptic stuff. Too young to have seen Trinity ;)

  4. Had a wee listen to that Submarine, see what you mean, it’s quite old school. Just like me :)
    The acoustic playing is something I can only get better at though, managed to avoid doing much of it for 30 years.

    Pat, you are a genius. The has two members of museum staff in it, I said how about something inspired by this place, so we had ship shape, the propellers and two metres deep to which we all said ooh, I like that.
    I stuck the 70s font and colours on it and we’re good to go. Where to I’m not sure.

  5. Yeah it has a really nice … je ne sais quoi. There’s something about both the EP and your track there.

    If you’ve not seen the film it has a real old school vibe, it’ll make you forget which decade you’re in.

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