I had an early start this morning to get the heating on in a church hall that would be full of weans at 0830 because of the school holiday. The heating was duly fixed in time (the fact that they didn’t believe I’d manage it and sent the weans elsewhere for the day we’ll gloss over…), but I haven’t quite caught up with myself yet despite numerous cuppas.

Never has YouTube hit the mark quite so well.

14 thoughts on “Today

  1. I have boyhood memories of the FC – what can we call him now? Stout? Corpulently gifted? Girth empowered?

    As one constantly fighting my girth i am keen to know!

  2. I remember Deltics – from days of my early youth with some mates ‘trainspotting’ on York station. ;O)

    Of course these days I’d probably find myself arrested as a suspected terrorist!!

  3. They should bring back the 2p “platform tickets” that’ll prevent terrorism better than stopping students and rifling through their pockets.
    Terrorists are notoriously mean with money.

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