Thinking ahead. Really.

Spent the day in Edinburgh at the Snowbaws outdoor show looking at some new kit,  some new brands too which was nice. I’ll do a write-up over the next couple of days and I’ll be announcing a “thing” too, I’ve got a few of the distributors working with me to put together a show-and-tell weekend at the end of February.
There will be sample tents, rucksacks, sleeping bags, trekking poles, clothing and plenty more for folk to test on a wild camp in the Southern Highlands. It’ll be on a Saturday/Sunday so hopefully folk will be able to make it along, I’ll be looking for maybe 5-10 volunteers, so if you’ve got a blog and want some exclusives to review or just want to come along for the banter it’s all good. Check your diary for the last two weekends in February and check back here in a few days for more details. There’ll be girls gear to test by the way.

I’d had a late Greggs, from the Gorgie branch just outside Tynecastle stadium where the show was and I haven’t been overly hungry since. But Holly looked worried at my lack of food enthusiasm and insisted, so with Joycee’s assistance a huge plate of red-hot mini tarts appeared. The tarts were awesome and now gone, the contents were ham, cheese and Damn Good Chilli Jam! which is made by fine bloke in Peebles and should be purchased and consumed by all.

It’s living the dream isn’t it, sitting here looking at Flying V’s on ebay whilst being brought cuppas and pastry delights by someone who’s smile is genuine and is also dressed as a Disney princess.

22 thoughts on “Thinking ahead. Really.

  1. Ooh sounds interesting. I should be free – I’ll check back in after my weekend of climbing in Snowdonia and see what gives.
    I’m also glad that mine is not the only household where a princess rules the roost ;-)

  2. Awesome folks.

    Just spoke to the guys who are supplying the gear and the 18th/19th of February is the date that suits them, so that’s what I’m going with and I’ll announce it properly on Monday.
    We have a really cool plan for this, it’s going to be good fun.

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