The late bird…

I’m in the middle of nowhere… and look what I found.
Ffww… beastie.
Ah, I’m gonnae camp on a beach. Been talking about that for, long enough.
It’s not really a beach, it’s fresh water. Got to climb some mountians as well, I’ll do that tomorrow.
This is just nice as it is.

17 thoughts on “The late bird…

  1. Normally I’d be crestfallen not getting a high camp, but this was just wonderful. Made my dinner down by the water and fell asleep to the sound of waves.
    Worth the 50km I ended up doing, more of that later!

  2. Got a Fisherfield trip planned myself for sometime this year. That hit the spot that did. Thanks.

    It does look like prime midge country though. What’s the word on the vampire army anyway?

  3. terrybnd, it was that, more camping by beaches is in order I think.

    aembleton, the walk in from Poolewe wasn’t too bad, a couple of horrendous bits in the forest but the track over the moor was in good nick. Seeing the distance to go was getting emotional by 9pm though.

    Alan/Gypsymac, the midges were a strange one, and will be part of my story. Soon!

    Mr W, that is indeed where I was. I came the coast road through Aultbea and Laide and went home through Kinlochewe. The drive in was a joy, the coast is stunning, hadn’t been on that bit of road for years.

  4. If you get as far north as Achmelvich Beach, you can enjoy a fantastic sunset. Even when it was cloudy, they parted over the beach and there is a friendly youth hostel there too.

  5. The beaches up there are magic. When I met Joycee that’s one of the first things we did was go camping around the north west and ran about the beaches.

    I really fancy that stuff again, I think the last real beach we camped on was at Arisaig about 5 years ago when a horse tried to eat the tent.

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