The Hearse

Got the new motor. New to me that is, it’s been in this world a good wee while on it’s own already.
It’s another Mondeo estate, and its black. Black. I’m fine with black, I was more worried by the private reggie number that it came with and how quickly I could get a regular one onto it, but everyone else has just noticed the black. The big, black and long motor.
I was thinking it was a bit heavy metal, a bit satantic, a bit James Bond, a bit shinier than the last one, but no. “Oh, I like the new hearse”. I’ve now heard three folk say that to me independantly in the past two days.
So be it, I’m now driving a hearse.

4 thoughts on “The Hearse”

  1. Get yourself a wee FM transmitter, costs about £7 from Amazon, also handy if your working someplace and there’s a radio on in the background.

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