The golden rule has been broken

There’s been planning. Ah, shite, d’you think the weather overheard?
As we know, the nights are awfy long and dark to be sitting in a wind and rain (snow?) buffeted one-person tent. I suppose we’ll see what the weekend brings.

22 thoughts on “The golden rule has been broken

  1. Forecast is looking great. I just managed to blag Friday off work at late notice, so I’m off up to Crianlarich for a couple of Munros first thing Friday morning :)
    Got to be back down the road for teatime to pick up the kids though so no camping this time out.

  2. I made plans. And now there’s a low pressure depression swirling in the Sea of Japan throwing meters of snow at the north. Guess I’ll head south this weekend. But don’t let the weather know that, I’m trying for the headfake.

  3. Aye, planning makes me nervous. I’m not going solo this weekend though, so I can’t inflict my devil may care, quick lets go now! approach on others :o)
    I think it might have be April the last overnighter I did with company. This’ll be strange, talking to folk and the like.

  4. I know, I was playing with kit close to home and it was looking beautiful out there.
    Hopefully it’ll be okay later in the day tomorrow, but Sunday has “running down the hillside” all over it.

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