The Doctor is in?

Toby from Lost In England sent me a copy of this shot that he took on his travels. I’m glad to see that three and a half years of fatherhood now sees me full qualified. I must tell Holly that I’m putting my rates up.

Genuinely rare that, not many of us have the small f, even fewer folk spell it right for us when we do have it, everybody wants to give us a big F.
I spent many long hours sitting alone in school corridors having argued with teachers over the spelling of my name, which of course I would never back down from. Teachers are never wrong, so the only course of action is to remove the source of their embarrassment for “causing trouble”. Well, I’ve still got my small f and where are they now eh? Eh? Bastards.

Also photie related, regular listeners might recognise the current sci-fi header on Terra Nova’s site.

9 thoughts on “The Doctor is in?

  1. for such a short and simple surname you wouldn’t believe the spellings I get. It got to the stage whenever I said my name especially over the phone I would just automatically spell it, BE-YOU-EN-TEE-EE-EN. Never bloody worked either.

    All the same cracking photo :)

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