Accept the expected

Sometimes you have to leap, even though you’ve looked.
You can plan, prepare and commit all you want, but until you’re actually there it’s all just a guessing game. I think knowing this in advance helps, not by making it easier, but by making you ready.
Knowledge is the keenest edge of all.

Stop. Go

The sun is trying to burst through the haze, it’s cool, fresh and it’s lunch time. Aye, it’s Spring.
The pressure’s on though, I wrapping up work for the week later today and heading down to the Lakes to have a look at some of next seasons gear, when I get back I’m packing the tent and heading out.
But, Holly’s got a wee cold and hasn’t made it out to the shops for something for Mother’s Day yet, so I might have to go for her.
I’m not buying flooers at the Gretna services on the way back though. That’s stacking up bad karma that is.