Sharp intake of breath.

I got the boilers running late last night, after even more unforseen snags with the existing equipment. An expansion vessel with no air in it? Luckily the bike’s track pump was at hand to recharge it. Not before the pressure in the now operational system had peaked and emptied all the water out through the safety valves. Still, thank Jimmy that’s done.
I haven’t been on the bike for a week. I need to pack, I need to see what I need and try and get it before we leave, I need… I need…

I need to sit down and have a cuppa.

16 thoughts on “Sharp intake of breath.

  1. The kettle’s on.
    I have also just assembled the Wheelie III that just arrived. It is noticably lighter than the last one, and it’s orange!
    That’s for next week though…

  2. Hopefully the map will be running before we go, and I’ll be Tweeting all the way down the trail.

    We’re heading north in the minibus tomorrow afternoon and we’ll be heading off after breakfast on Saturday.
    If anybody’s in Ft Bill give me a shout!
    We’ll be in the Real Food Cafe at some point on Saturday and then on Sunday it’s (not) a race to the finish.
    Again, if anybody’s in the in the area, or on the trail over the weekend come and say hell and bring me cold Irn Bru.

    I don’t know how it’ll go, I’m tired today. I’ve been working solid and with daft hours without a break for a couple of weeks. Today was my “rest day”, and the bike was admined, so it’s ready at least.
    We’ll see soon enough.

  3. Cheers More-On :o)

    Adventure Trading Post that did my SPoT map last time are putting one together for me right now, but as Phil says if it doesn’t happen he’ll be pressing the ping buttons anyway!

    Steve, see you there!

    Oh, the road bikes have just cancelled. They were coming up from down south and one of them has an injury. Nothing trivial I hope.

  4. Will see you in the Real Food Cafe on Saturday PTC! I’m heading off to Corrour on the train afterwards for a crack at Ben Alder, though the weather for the beginning of next week may force me into just doing Carn Dearg, either way its three days in the middle of nowhere, just me and the tent… heaven! Hope you have a good start! Just think about that cold Irn-Bru and fish supper!

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