Orange Overload, Montane get Badass

I was overcome today at the Montane bunker in the Lakes with such a display of orange kit. There are wonders to behold for this season and next. As soon as I’ve pulled myself together I’ll speak more of it.

25 thoughts on “Orange Overload, Montane get Badass

  1. Ah yes, Archie ‘Paramo’ Gemmell.

    Cruyff wasn’t playing in 1978 of course. He walked out after being made to wear ‘crazy’ looking Terra Pants in the Qualifiers.

  2. If you look closely there’s even a little bit of orange on my Black sabbath t-shirt.

    By the way, all the bottles were empty when we got there. Who emptied them though? That’s for around the campfire…

  3. The future is Orange, Orange is the new Black etc etc etc

    About time too, and it seems that Purple is the new green?

    Whats with the Leffe though? Oranjeboom would be more fitting.

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