Oh Boy

After a productive and genial meeting in the sports centre cafe where the KORS do was held, we decided to go and grab some dinner. We went to the Brewery Arts Centre which is where they have the Kendal Mountain Film Festival. A very nice place, all fine stonework, clean surfaces and a midge free beer garden. The four of us took a table, ordered items various and the banter flowed freely.
I had one moment though when I realised that at the table were: a legend; a professional mountaineer; a sports entrepreneur and a heating engineer.
Just for a moment there I was Dr Sam Beckket. I think I got away with it.

9 thoughts on “Oh Boy

  1. No shit John.

    If I met Brian Blessed the first thing I’d do is ask him: “Go on, say; Gordon’s alive!, go on, just say it, please….”. I just couldn’t help myself :o)

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