6 thoughts on “NHS 24

  1. Aye,

    It seems like they’ve drafted in the most backwards monkeys they can acquire. Helen had a rather bad experience with them recently, which ended up her sitting in a cubicle in the Western at 01:00 for an hour, getting looked at like she had two heads and told to go home. All because of advice given by said subject matter.

  2. “Yes, take your daughter to Drumchapel”.

    Holly has a cold, she’s no’ well and her temprature spiked at scary degrees centigrade. A trip to Drumchapel in the rain was just what she needed they said.

  3. Sounds right. Just over the Kilpatricks in Stirlingshire various relatives get great service from NHS24, doctors, good advice etc.

    All these things have taken on another dimension now that Holly’s here.

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