Navel and/or shoe gazing

I suppose this photie kinda gives away the plot of the upcoming story, but what the hell. I’ll have a little sit down and think about it. Again.
Nice to be back, and nice to be back from being back. Up there.
Makes sense to me. Mostly.


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  1. Arthur says:

    Absolutely stunning

  2. PTC* says:

    It was indeed Arthur, a night worth the long wait to get it.

    Currently trimming down more photies for my write up as I eat the rhubarb pie I bought in the Nevis Bakery on the way home :o)

  3. Arthur says:

    Are you pitching your tent in that pic?

    Got your tripod and camera out for a great shot and then get your tent up. That’s dedication.

  4. PTC* says:

    Actually, the shots I took on my phone have got my camera on the tripod set up and a rucksack lying on the snow on its side :o)

    Above is just me trying to sit still for 15 seconds!

  5. DavidG says:

    I was oot at the weekend. Boiler plate neve and crampons from the car park, pretty much.

    Rare conditions and rare combination of wide smiles and sore feet!

  6. PTC* says:

    It was a joy, if it’s the last of winter it’s been a good last hurrah. Glad I caught some of it.

    So good to be back.

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