25 thoughts on “Met

  1. Chewy did find his phone, killed by the cold in a jacket pocket in the van!

    Thanks for coming, I’m so glad (relieved even!) that it all went well.

    Write up shortly before I forget…

  2. Top weekend that was, amazing weather on Sunday too. Still traumatized by those trousers!
    Thanks you so much to everyone, especially Ollie, John and yer good man yerself.

  3. Thanks guys for a great weekend. Good company, good kit, good weather, good banter. Yes, it was all good!

    Thanks to PTC for pulling this altogether and thanks to John & Ollie(And Ollie’s Wife) for letting us play!


  4. ooh one other thing, any chance of John confirming the names of the bits of Montura kit I had? I lost track of it and want to get it right in the write up. I’ve got all the Big Agnes stuff, cos I was partially organised. As usual.

  5. I’ve arequest too for the names of the Montura kit…might be difficult though untill the photies are seen?

    I’m feeling lazy tonight (been for another run!) so only got my photies done. Words’ll come tomorrow I think now.

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