IceBug Navigators and Trail Bugweb, First Look

What are these mentalist mocassins?

New for this season Icebug have brought out a range of lightweight trail and race shoes without the metal studs. They have a new well patterened grippy sole, but have the option to add six studs for slippy terrain by slipping on the Bugwebs you can see in the photie.

I’ve been looking forward to these coming in. More later.

8 thoughts on “IceBug Navigators and Trail Bugweb, First Look

  1. Never mind the colour, after a few bog trots they will look lovely. How about the fit? I found their “winter” boots a bit narrow and settled for Keens instead, which are great in that area. How do they look around the toebox?

  2. They feel good around the toebox, wider than my Highlanders. They’re actually quite roomy, so I might be looking at a thicker sock. The heelcup seems good though, I’m not pulling out of it when I walk.

    We’ll see shortly.

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