If you immediately know the candlelight is fire, the meal was cooked a long time ago.

I enjoy playing (Erskine) bridge on a Saturday evening.

6 thoughts on “Hammerhead

  1. You must have been on the bridge as we were going over last night – it did look braw :-D

    As for my new camera, Panasonic TZ10, not had the chance yet to test it out for sunset etc but have been impressed with what I’ve taken so far just in its point & shhot mode never mind any of the manual stuff. Also love it geotagging as it shows where I took the pic from on Google Maps without me having to work it out on the map.

  2. Saw the LX-5. The same but better? That does make it awfy tempting…

    Blondie, I waved but you drove right past!

  3. Skippery Slope, don’t give me options, I’ll never be done then!!

    It was a lovely evening on Saturday Ange, I raced up onto the bridge but the sun was gone by the time I got to the middle, just the embers left. Nice.

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