14 thoughts on “For those who may have missed it

  1. I will be taken in the night by masked men if I mention names, but in a few months I’ll be seen with something purple and brand new.
    I can’t tell you how excited I am by this :o)

  2. There’s snow showers forecast on the tops in the Brecon Beacons the next few days :-)
    Then we get hit by that dirty big depression heading towards the UK :-(

  3. Promised snow did arrive – a bit sloppy where I was at about 450m, being a ‘body’ for SARDA doggies to find, but when I drove back past Merthyr, the ‘peaks’ (and they’re only a smidgeon under 3000ft!) were covered in the white stuff :-)

  4. That sounds like fun :o)

    The weather was wild today, snow sleet and patches of sunshine that soone disappeared. I just couldn’t face dealing with wet waterproofs, a dripping rucksack and muddy shoes when I got back. I threw the towel in and sat on the sofa distractedly strumming a guitar while watching various sci0fi reruns.
    Not a classic weekend by any means.

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