Eggs… Eeeggs… Eeeeeeeeeggss!!!

I was excited, the girl was excited then terrified and I missed about half of the dialogue. Still, the new companion made an unexpected first appearance as Dalek Girl, the regular daleks weren’t rubbish and ineffective, just a bit playfully cruel and manipulative.
I’ll play it back and see what I missed. But, I’m thinking it was good, I like this resetting the Doctor to being a man of mystery, Moffat’s fixing Doctor Who as much as he’s producing it.
Eggs… Eeeggs… Eeeeeeeeeggss… Exterminate!!!!!

Bloody hell, I’m like a wean all over again.


2 thoughts on “Eggs… Eeeggs… Eeeeeeeeeggss!!!

  1. Aye, is that maybe part of the Pond’s demise?
    I wonder if Dalek Girl will still be a dalek when she’s a companion? Maybe as a human hologram beamed from her chained up casing inside the Tardis, a bit like Rimmer from Red Dwarf.

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