8 thoughts on “Conjugate the verb to go

  1. ir a, voy a, va a. (to go, i go, you go)
    Oh no.. conjugated verbs, you’ve taken me back to my Spanish class nightmare!

    Voy a caminar las montanas proxima semana si el clima esta sol, pero no hace mucho calor!
    (I think that’s right!!)


  2. A duck leaning on a crutch?

    I did French, and failed badly. There is a case for having boys-only and girls-only schools, I found myself awfully distracted in the classes where my interest was marginal leading to letters other than A, B or C displayed on my discharge sheet at the end of term.

  3. Aye that clip was just like my Spanish class – perfect tense, present tense, imperfect, preterit.. it all got too confusing… and that was just about 3 months ago!

  4. Lightpacking, ultralightpacking, superultralightpacking.

    This is easy!! :))

    And now in American….

    Litepacking, ultralitepacking, superultralitepacking ;O)

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