COMPETITION TIME! Win a Big Agnes Lost Dog Primaloft Sleeping Bag

Competition Closed

Thanks everybody who entered :o)

Big Agnes have given me a fantastic Lost Dog Primaloft sleeping bag to give away. It’s a killer bit of kit for lightweight summer camping. It’s a left zip/ regular length.

It’s a great prize so I’m going to make it a quirky competition. I’ve got a new Big Agnes Seedhouse SL1 tent, Zirkel down bag and new AirCore mat to test, and that is part of my question…

What Scottish summit will I pitch the tent on?

Simple as that, suggest something I wouldn’t think of (not the In Pin or an island thanks) and if I can get the tent on it you win a sleeping bag. I’ll keep this open for a while and multiple entries are very welcome.

Stick suggestions in the comments below or through the contact form and I’ll add them to the list.

  1. Caisteal Liath on Suilven, 731m
  2. Ben Hope, 927m
  3. Stuc a’ Chroin, 975m
  4. Stob a’ Choin, 896m
  5. Bla Bheinn, 928m
  6. Beinn Narnain, 926m
  7. Ben Cleuch, 721m
  8. Ladhar Bheinn, 1020m
  9. Quinag, 808m
  10. Creise, 1100m
  11. Stob Binnein, 1165m
  12. Sgurr na Ciche, 1040m
  13. Dun Caan, 443m
  14. Slioch, 980m
  15. Beinn a’Bhùiridh, 897m
  16. Firthybrig Head, 763m
  17. Tarmachan Ridge
  18. Ben Avon, 1171m
  19. Aonach Beag, 1234m
  20. Ben Cruachan, 1126m
  21. Torridon
  22. An Teallach
  23. Arthur’s Seat 251m
  24. Seana Bhraigh, 926m
  25. Beinn Gaire, 666m
  26. Glamaig, 775m
  27. Beinn Each, 813m
  28. Ciste Dubh, 929m
  29. Beinn Dearg, 1084
  30. Maoile Lunndaidh, 1007m
  31. Beinn nan Aighenan, 960m
  32. Conival, 987m
  33. Quiraing
  34. Ben Buie, 717m
  35. Stob Garbh (Cruachan), 980m
  36. Beinn a’ Bhuird, 1197
  37. Leathad Mor , 547m

70 thoughts on “COMPETITION TIME! Win a Big Agnes Lost Dog Primaloft Sleeping Bag

  1. Well for starters I reckon it’d be awesome to pitch on that wonderful flat, grassy-topped plateau (probably with just a few sheep for company) that is the west summit of Suilven :))

    (Wouldn’t want to lug much water up there, mind!)

  2. I would say Stuc A’Chroin, if you don’t fancy too much travelling, nice top on that with view North to the wilds or South to the Central Belt. Ben Hope would be a laugh.

  3. Using google and the words “small scottish hill with a big view” I’ve found Stob a Choin, any good? My only knowledge of Scotland is getting seriously drunk in Elgin.

  4. Hope it wasn’t at Johanna’s night club, or you owe the rest of Scotland another visit to make up! Scary place Elgin after dark, locals are bit crazy..

  5. Erm, no definately not Johanna’s, honest. Not Downtown USA either cough, cough. I seem to remember getting kicked out of Johanna’s actually, but it’s a lot of a blur, isn’t there a bar that was was originally a church there as well?

  6. Wow. Very top of Ben Cleuch is quite rocky and windy/exposed for sure. Has great views though and easy walk in. Think there’s a lot of people out there with nightout in Elgin stories…. :-)

  7. As I said to someone the other day, being young and stupid then is what’s made you old and wise today, that’s my excuse anyway!

  8. Aye, it gives me the chance to use all the cliches that annoyed me when I was 17.

    “You’ll learn…” said with arms folded and a shaking head being a favourite.

  9. Stob Binnein. Highest of the “southern” Munros and a fantastic viewpoint. With the light nights, you could do a full days work and still be on top in time for the sunset, easy. Here, I may have just talked myself into it. :o)

  10. I’d like to say Stac Pollaidh but I reckon tent pegs may be a problem, not to mention the little scramble onto the true summit. So, thinking quite pointy but potentially do-able, let’s head back to Knoydart with…..

    Sgurr na Ciche :))

  11. And I know you said not an island, but Bla Bheinn’s made it, so I’m going to force you onto a ferry rather than merely over a bridge….

    Dun Caan, 443m, highest point on Raasay, size isn’t everything! :)

  12. Slioch,you could fill up your water bottle for a brew in the tent from the tarns over by Sgurr Dubh on the way up. Great wilderness needs a great tent, sleeping bag and comfy pad to sleep on. Look down at dawn to Loch Maree and hopefully see a Golden Eagle.

  13. I’m going to stick with my 29 43 winning formula, so at a rather convenient 2943ft, I reckon Beinn a’Bruiridh is the perfect choice – south east of Ben Cruachan, overlooking the Cruachan reservoir to the west and beyond.

  14. “Go south young man….”

    Firthybrig Head, 763m, overlooking Loch Skeen above The Grey Mare’s Tail, between Moffat and Tibbie Shiel’s Inn

  15. Took a look at the seedhouse a while back,another nice piece of kit from BA,will be interested to see how it performs.

    Time has come for me to be thinking about a new shelter in the upcoming months…trouble is theres so much good stuff out there now and I cant decide whether to go for a tent or bivvy this time(have used both in the past) seeing as weights are now so similar.After doing a bit of research,I’m pretty impressed with the force ten helium…but then the black diamond lightsaber looks really cool…choices,choices eh? It may all come down which one packs the smallest in the end!

  16. The Lightsabre looks good. I’d be interested in how the EPIC fabric works out on a shelter in UK conditions. It’s really, really, really water resistent, but under pressure water gets through. So it should be ideal in a bivvy bag as rain will just bead and run off it.

    F10 make great tents these days. The Vapour is another good one.

    Ah, choices indeed!

  17. Aonach Beag looks like it has a relatively flat top once you’ve hauled the gear up the steep ascent! Looking at the Big Agnes website PTC, what length bag do you use and how tall are you? I already use a 180cm mat that is plenty long enough for me at 6′ tall but according to Big Agnes i need a Long bag and a 198cm pad!

  18. OK, so if you don’t fancy the ‘challenge’ of Bla Bheinn, then how about a stroll along the Tarmachan Ridge, perhaps pitching on one of the tops rather than Meall nan Tarmachan itself? Maybe Beinn nan Eachan?

  19. Pitch on a nice stretch of summit ridge, maybe Ben Avon in the gorms. I’ll drop you off and keep on gan to the beach with the folks up north :o} x

  20. More good ones :o)

    Holdfast, I’m just on six foot and I’ve been using both regular and tall Big Agnes kit. The Tall stuff is just that, nice and roomy, very long. The regular is snug for me, six foot is definitely the limit for it. I’m used to slimmer cut bags, so I’m happy. But the claustrophobic might have to size up. The Tall sized stuff is heavier though :o(

  21. Ok, I’ll have another go, how about Ben Cruachan, be nice to fall asleep listening to the hum of a generator, helps me at work all the time!

  22. awreet ptc, always after shiney gear! Howsabout Liathach? Nice views over torridon and beinn eighe or you could try busting the pegs on An Tealach?

  23. Woe to you o earth and sea, for the devil sends the beast with wrath. How about Beinn Gaire? It is the number of the beast in height at 666m.

  24. I felt I should suggest a summit which, if I haven’t actually stood on, I have at least seen from an adjacent one – Glamaig 775m (outside Sligachan) – it’s one of those perfectly shaped little dumplings that just crying out for a big candle to be stuck in it or alcohol poured over the top and set alight, but failing that pitching your tent on the top would suffice – great views across to Raasay & Scalpay

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