7 thoughts on “Chorus

  1. My Chorus pedal is a Dimension C, Boss made them for a wee while many years back. It’s just got four fixed settings, but I love it. And, it’s purple!

    The colour scheme and the wee angel, it is getting gothy in here…

  2. I remember the Dimension C although I never used one, I have the basic Boss non stereo chorus (CE1 I think) It does everything from Siouxsie and the Banshees to some really smooth and slow phaser effects.Teamed with an overdrive and some delay it sounds wonderful if a bit dated…..sniff.
    I like the gothy feel to the place.

  3. I had the first stereo version, metallic blue, great pedal until it went wonky.
    I still use my original Boss flanger, tonight in fact!
    I’ll need to do a guitar gear post, it’ll be the most retro thing on here…

  4. That’s a surprise ! I would have thought these all in one effects boxes /amp emulators would have been all the rage.
    Mine have been through the wars, sticky floors , beer spills and still work.Maybe that’s what makes then collectable.

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