Chocolate Fish Merino-Possum Beanie

I like my hats so I do. For this winter’s cold camps, I have here from Chocolate Fish a Merino-Possum Beanie.
First off, it’s almost impossible to describe just how soft this beanie is. Possibly it’s akin to floating in warm water under clear summer skies, surrounded by dinghies full of exotic maidens who hold bowls of fine 900-fill down to their bosoms, and scatter handfuls of it upon you as you doze lightly to the soothing strains of King Crimson’s Court of the Crimson King.
Anyway, it’s in that currently popular oversize style, that means you can pull it down over your neck or fold it up and have a cuff it that’s your bag. It’s reversible too as it’s double-thickness, plain on one side, racing stripes on the other.
I have plans for this beanie, so it’ll be a regular feature on here when the snows come in earnest. I’ll flag up how it washes after the first night I sleep/sweat in it too.

I know, I know, there’s no purple option on the website. This is a sample from NZ, and it’s mine.

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  1. rogerbluff says:

    Chocolate fish make great gear, I have a couple of possum fur beanies which are all I use during the colder months whether going to work or out hiking. Mine are not purple either : (

  2. MartinCarpenter says:

    Well the single colour ones aren’t that bad! Absurdly warm things these. I’ve run out of people to give them too as presents :)

  3. R MacE says:

    I’ve been meaning to get a wool beanie, this might be the one. I had a Pachamama one which was great after I ripped out the fleece liner (why a fleece liner FFS?) anyway all was good until someone put it in the tumble dryer!!

  4. soularch says:

    I’ve got a mate whose obsessed with purple, no idea what it’s all about. He also give his surfboards, cars etc. names?!?!

  5. Metric Kate says:

    Doesn’t everyone give their car a name?! My current one’s called Finn.

    One can never have too many hats, I feel, though my preference is red :-)

  6. rogerbluff says:

    I have a red possum fur beanie, especially for hunting season in Scandinavia ; )

  7. If anyone is desperate for a purple one, and it wouldn’t upset Petesy too much (‘cos we daredn’t do that!) we can get more purple ones in – not until March tho’. Just let us know.

    Kia ora,
    Choc Fish

  8. PTC* says:

    Looks like I’m late to the joys of possum! Glad it’s good, it’ll be on the next overnighter.

    I used to give my guitars names…

    Bring the joy of NZ purple to the UK I say!

  9. Metric Kate says:

    “Bring the joy of NZ purple to the UK I say!”
    I agree with that sentiment. If they were called the All Purples instead of the All Blacks, we’d actually be able to beat ‘em!

  10. PTC* says:

    They’d be less scary I’d imagine?

  11. lawriej says:

    I give my bicycles (female) names :$

    I was so taken with the description I bought one… not heard any King Crimson yet though. Stripey ones wud be good!

  12. PTC* says:

    King Crimson? A little bit psychadelic, a little bit jazz, a little bit of metal in there with a whole lot of wierd.

    A call my my bike “The Dawg” because it’s a Kona Dawg. My previous bike was another Kona Dawg, which was also called “The Dawg”. I couldn’t even stretch to a different name for the new bike :o)

  13. Del says:

    Just as well you don’t have a dOg as it would confuse the hell out of the girls when you say you’re taking the dawg out. Back on topic, next ‘must get one of them’ item for me is a choccy fish hat.

  14. PTC* says:

    Aye, “Changing the tyres on the dawg” would have the misses calling the SSPCA.
    Can’t have enough hats.

  15. Excellent post, no matter where I look people really love Possum fur products. Also great for the NZ environment.. buy a few more and help us rid NZ of the little pests!

  16. PTC* says:

    Happy to help!

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