Buy Now, Pay Later

Any comment I put here isn’t going to be as funny as the photie all on its own.
Aggressive marketing or appealing to the wallets of teenage males? Whatever, it’s got more humour than you’ll find in any regular outdoor catalogue or shopping website and that’s a good thing.

Thanks for the photie Das!

pack shopping

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  1. moggy says:

    That’s more like it, less of you in your boxers and more of this please!

  2. wawatson says:

    Is this the new hyper-lightweight gear for winter 2014 – everything stripped to the bare essentials?

  3. PTC* says:

    Take only photographs and leave only footprints taken to an extreme maybe?

  4. Wait, there’s gear in the photo? I hadn’t noticed.

  5. PTC* says:

    Probably blinded by the shine off that lassie’s arse?

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