News just in…

My head’s been under the bonnet. But it’s all back to normal and ticking over nicely.

Bigbananafeet, whose name regular listeners will recognise, has just been in comms. He started South on the West Highland Way from Ft Bill at 1700 on Sunday.
He’s encountered storms, contstant rain and his feet are in tatters. As of 1445 today he’s on Conic Hill, and he’ll be on the home straight now.

I’m having flashbacks right now.

16 thoughts on “News just in…

  1. Thanks all ;o)

    Aye, am all done. 27 1/2 miles on the last day! I wonder if I was starting to get hypothermic cause I was a litle delerious and staggering when I hit the last 1/4 mile.

    The last ten miles were done on pure bloody minded determination and the thought of Claire waiting with a Lamb Bhoona, a few packs of “Jonny’s onion rings”, a Cadbury’s Boost, “Jelly babies” and a bottle of “Bru” (order was put in whilst walking)

  2. Theres a wee description here

    Feet arent as bad as I expected today, a few blisters and a fair wee bit of bruising on the balls of my feet. Right calf muscle is pretty sore (overstretched) and left knee is pretty sore going down stairs etc. I was hobbling about like an old arthritic man last night though, thank god I had Claire to nurse me (She’s a wee angel)

    Need to get some new poles I wore the tips clean off those Alpkits and I think a OMM Villain wouldnae go amiss either.

    Aye we’ll need to get out on those Kilpatricks again for a gas about WHW adventures ;o)

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