16 thoughts on “A funny thing happened on the way to the kettle”

  1. That was the view from this chair a few hours back.
    The Christms tree sticking up is much better than last years. It’s got a nice shape and the lights are placed nicely. I wonder what poor sods got our usual lopsided bush by mistake…

  2. I think Dumbarton got your tree this year.
    I did notice the sunset on my almost daily trip to ASDA.The hills behind Dumbarton were lit up nicely.A moment of calm before dodging the trollies and the inconsiderate.

  3. Funny that,

    I visited my Mum in Old Kilpatrick yesterday and just as I was leaving and driving down towards the river I was so struck by that sunset I commented on it and asked the kids what they thought of it. They looked at me as if I was daft. Only one thing on their mind these days – the fat guy in the red suit and the goodies he’s going to be bringing.

  4. Oh aye, Holly knows there’s something going on. The funny lights, the sound of sellotape, having to sign cards…

    There’s still a bit of snow visible on the hills where that sun dipped under the horizon too. Maybe the traditional holiday thaw won’t be complete for once?!

  5. To be honest I got it in the end because I couldn’t decide between a few models and just got too tired and emotional.
    It’s nice though, the huge display means I don’t have to fish out my reading glasses as well.

  6. Chickened out of the dslr eh ? :) I’ve been looking at compacts,for when my brick is a pain ,though that will have to wait awhile, this ticks all the boxes for me you made a wise choice i think, nice and wide too. Looking forward to seeing more shots from it, mind you that’ll get my crdit card twitching aaarghh :)

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