13 minutes

Bare feet on carpet, a bottle of Irn Bru with a straw in it, I wasn’t in a hurry until Holly exclaimed “Oh, My, Goodness! Look at the sky!”
She wasn’t wrong, low cloud, churning slowly and lit fantastically by a sci-fi movie professional lighting man. Holly and I stayed by the window with “our” camera and took turns in snapping the view as the colours and shapes morphed both subtley and quickly.
13 minutes it took from start to finish, what were the chances of that being this weekend’s lucky number?

Where would I be of an evening without that lovely front windae and Jimmy Panasonic’s sunset mode?

4 thoughts on “13 minutes

  1. I’ve had no time to deal with it at all, I’ll get another meet set up for later on, this one came around too quick!
    Still, Tiso in Perth this weekend if you want to see Terra Nova tents.

  2. Good call!

    All I have whn I go out is a spare battery, a spare memory card and my Zipshot tripod.
    Great wee camera.

    By the way, those mad colours and strong contrast above are all from using the sunset setting on the camera, not editing, sometimes it doesn’t know when to hold back!

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